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Name's Abbey and fandoms include: Orphan Black, Homestuck, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Last of Us, Attack on Titan, and a few others sprinkled in here and there.


"You have a daughter?"

"Yeah, I keep a picture of her in my wallet."


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cass/viv intense kissing 4 president

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season 1: oh noOOO i cant believe this character is dead im fuckign sobbING

season 2: jesus fuck are you seriously killing off this character oh my god. they have so much potential and you’re wasting it what are you doing.

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tbh i think the best thing about this episode is the fact that it’s made a lot of people realize how problematic and shitty kenny and luke are

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One Night Live will highlight the artistry behind The Last of Us with a live reading of select scenes by the principal actors, under the direction of Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog. Scheduled to appear are Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Merle Dandridge, Hana Hayes, and Annie Wersching. In addition, Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla will perform selections from his score. How this all fits together will remain a bit of a mystery until it happens, but trust me when I say it will be a very special evening.
This one-time-only performance will be staged at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Monday, July 28 at 7 PM PT. PlayStation fans who will be in the area that evening can secure free tickets to attend the performance in person.(x)

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"… She’s sassy, she’s a little trashy. She likes the dirty jokes. But she’s very distinct from someone like Isabella. She’s very different. She’s much more for the people, about the common good. And when you have a whole party of people that are kind of like Lords and Ladies, she has her own kind of network of spies and stuff that she relies upon that are completely different from anyone else. Meaning that her demeanour, her attitude is kinda like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition. Everyone is like very serious and then she comes along and is like, ‘I bought you a hat!’"

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people should just reply to anon hate with this


damn dude thats brutal

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